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Penalty Abatement

Contrary to what you might think, IRS penalties aren’t unforgivable. There are a number of situations in which penalties can be abated. Some of these are relatively easy to qualify for, and some are considerably more difficult. But if you can prove that you meet the requirements for a given abatement process, the IRS will lift the penalty or penalties in question. This can provide significant relief for people that need it.

At Tax Hardship Center we’re experts in this area and can explain the requirements to you as well as help you determine if you qualify. If you do, we can help you through the application process.

Initial Consultation

We’ll speak with you for a free, no-obligation consultation, during which we’ll discuss your full financial picture and talk about which abatement procedures you might be able to take advantage of to reduce your debt liability.

Thorough Investigation

We’ll then pull together all necessary documentation, which can range from mild to extremely rigorous, and then prepare your application package for submission.

Positive Resolution

After submitting all of the required documentation we’ll work with the IRS on your behalf, arguing your case and demonstrating why your application should be approved. As the process unfolds we will keep you constantly updated.

What are Some Common Penalty Abatement Procedures?

The easiest procedure to qualify for is the first-time abatement. If you’ve never had any other issues with the IRS and are fully compliant other than the penalty in question, you can qualify to have your first penalty abated, assuming it’s abatable, generally with nothing more than a request. This will only apply to one tax year.

For penalties of a larger scope, the qualification burden is much more stringent. If you can prove there was a very good reason you ran afoul of the rules, like a natural disaster, major medical issue, or some other serious situation that was outside of your control, penalties can be lifted. Alternately if you can prove that an IRS mistake or bad advice from an IRS agent caused your penalties, you can also have them abated.

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