What do Tax Relief Companies Do?

The first thing a qualified tax relief company can do is ease the stress of your situation. Typically, they will assume Power of Attorney, redirecting all IRS communications to their offices. They will request documents from you and from the IRS or state tax authorities if relevant.

An in-depth review of your situation is conducted, and a plan is put in place. Qualified tax relief companies are staffed by tax professionals very familiar with the programs available to help people and businesses who are delinquent in paying their taxes.

The goal is to match your circumstances to the option that will produce the best outcome possible. Depending on your individual case, they might begin immediate negotiations to address any liens or wage garnishment.

There are options to reduce your overall tax debt, pay less than the total amount due and abate any penalties. Sometimes mitigating circumstances can apply, like health conditions, hardship or innocent spouse situations.

How to Choose a Tax Relief Company:

The first thing to look at is how the company is staffed.

A typical roster might include tax attorneys, CPAs and/or enrolled agents. Enrolled agents receive their credentials from the IRS – they take extensive training in operations and ethics and are required to keep their skills updated. It’s always a good sign when a company is operated by an enrolled agent or has them on staff.

Tax attorneys are experts in tax code and litigation – should that become necessary. One advantage when dealing with a tax lawyer, all your communications and documents are protected by attorney-client privilege. CPAs are clearly helpful if your tax situation is complex.

Next check public information – the Better Business Bureau, customer reviews, LinkedIn. It’s best to avoid companies that make extravagant promises – you need tax expertise, not salesmanship.

Most tax relief companies offer a free consultation – ask questions, make sure you understand the fees and the terms of any money back guarantee. There are lots of qualified, ethnical and compassionate tax relief companies out there, take the time to find the one that’s best for you.